Help with Ordering Prints

Each Gallery is set up with unique pricing to fit the art within that gallery. Throughout the years Dietrich has printed his block print images on three sizes of paper (P: 9'' x 12''), (M: 12'' x 18'') and (L: 18'' x 24'') which is how these galleries are set up... however, with today's technology we are able to add additional sizes and paper choices which we hope you enjoy. If you have questions, please ask, we're happy to help. All prints are open editions with a printed title and signature.

To purchase any print, look for the "Buy Now" button on the top right. Click on anything within the shopping cart to view a detailed description.

We are delighted to provide personal service via email and customized print purchases.

You are purchasing prints directly from the printer, everything is custom printed just for you, and, because you are unique and prints last a lifetime, we sincerely enjoy helping you... so never hesitate to ask. We reply quickly.

Prints by "Image Size"

Every image's proportions are unique, use this information as a GUIDE:

  • ''S'' size examples: (9’’ x 9’’) (7'' x 11.5'') (5.7’’ x 14’’)
  • ''M'' size examples: (15'' x 15'') (12'' x 19'') (10'' x 22.5'')
  • ''L'' size examples: (23'' x 23'') (20'' x 26'') (17.75'' x 30'')
  • Extra "L" size examples: (35'' x 35'') (30'' x 40'') (26.75'' x 45'') 
  • Extra for CANVAS prints:
  • Add this to your cart if you would like an extra printed edge to your canvas print which enables you (or your framer) to stretch it with a Gallery Wrap (wraps around the sides of stretcher bars).

Email us if we can help you fit a print to your frame or space.

Shipping Rates and Delivery Times:

After placing your order, your print should arrive in 5 to 10 working days via U.S Priority Mail.

Return policy:

All print-per-order sales are final. If your print was damaged while being shipped to you, please notify The Magic Mo immediately.

Can I buy a framed print?

We can check with local sources to provide you with a quote. Please contact us with your request and we will provide personal service via email.

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