Inspired by Artists on Hawaii Island, Printer Direct 

 Dietrich Varez block print art - Hawaiian legend myth and cultureBlockprint Images by Dietrich Varez

Dietrich Varez color art oil paintings - Hawaiian legend myth and cultureOil on Canvas by Dietrich Varez

Dietrich Varez

Varez' art boldly traces the adventures and passions of a cast of mythical characters he has carefully researched in legend. Dietrich lovingly and faithfully depicts Hawaiians practicing the arts, skills, and values of Hawai‘i, its lifestyles and legends, in all of his work.

Click here or on the images above to view Dietrich Varez' page.

 Marian Berger Birds of Hawaii

Marian Berger

Marian is as precious as her watercolors. She is a huge gift to Hawai‘i; a legacy in Volcano and throughout the state. She has become well known for her detailed bird paintings. She has lived in Volcano with many of the endemic birds that she treasures for over 35 years. Click here or the image above to view Marian's page.

 John D Dawson Illustrator Hawaii artist

John D. Dawson

John has produced a series of stamp sets for the U.S.P.S. over 12 years. The Nature in America series is one of his proudest accomplishments along with a majority of the art displayed in the Kilauea Visitor Center at Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. Click here or the image above to view John's page.

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