"Palila in Mamane" by Marian Berger

(Cropped) "Alala" from The Living Endemic Birds of Hawaii, by Marian Berger



fter growing up in Alaska and living in Volcano Village on the island of Hawaii, Marian Berger acquired the love and need to live in the forest. "I have lived with many of the endemic Hawaiian birds right here in Volcano for 35 years. They are precious gems of our native rain forest: I treasure their sweet songs and the brilliant colors of these birds make my work pure joy!"


Marian Berger

As delightful a person as her paintings!


"I have become known for my detailed bird paintings in watercolor- and now am becoming known for my abstracts which are painted in soft pastel. These two methods are a good balance for me." -Marian Berger

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"I like Marian Berger!" -Karen, The Magic Mo

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