There's something about being near the volcano...

"I would have been far less of an artist if I weren't surrounded by all the natural beauty here -- the volcano, native plants -- and solitude of rural living. I live inside a rainforest and am barely on the grid here."


"You just have to start, you have to begin somewhere," says Dietrich Varez. "At first I carved wooden tikis," he says grinning. "Then I tried shallow-relief stuff, and finally the linoleum blocks. With wood carving, you make something and sell it and you never see it again. There is a continious reward with prints.


"We pride ourselves in remaining outside the establishment. We come in the back door. They think we're all wrong.

"I'm kind of like an adopted child to the Hawaiian -- my culture is shredded. I don't care if people put the prints up with four tacks in the corners, just as long as they are up!"


"We don't have hair dryers and blenders and computers and all that crap -- all the hairspray of life."

"When I get back, I'll probably head straight for the furo and take a nice long soak. When the sky is clear, and the stars are out, you look up, and Oh Man! Oh man!  You know?"

 John and Kathie Dawson meet Dietrich Varez

November, 2014

John Dawson and his wife Kathie are introduced to Dietrich Varez.

 Dietrich Varez in the 1970's

Sense of humor has he.

Dietrich posing in the 1970's.

Rare: Dietrich on YouTube

Dietrich Varez showing us his new Volcano House bar painting. He was the bartender there in the "late '60's to early 70's."

Published on Aug. 14, 2012

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